This is where my story with Divorce Recovery began.​

I’m so thrilled you’re here. You found this to be a safe place and refuge of hope after all you’ve gone through, and I’m humbled.

After going through my divorce, I got to the point where I was more existing than living. Swept under the rug, I’d fumble in the musty dark for my autopilot switch; the one that told me to wake up, brush my teeth, and make myself presentable. It allowed me to stumble through the futile days without incident. Smile and nod. Lock the door. Flush the toilet. Sometimes I forgot to do these things entirely, because what was the point? Tomorrow was a new pointless and passionless day where everything was possible but nothing seemed to occur. I was a zombie going through the motions of life without actually being alive. Does this sound familiar?

I wasn’t sure how I was going to recover, but I knew I had to make a decision. I could either let the divorce win, or I could reclaim my life, my desires, and my passion, and discover what really ignited me.

When you haven’t felt that passion for a long time, it can seem impossible to retrieve, but it’s not. I’m going to take you on a journey…one where you are turned on, tapped in, and feel fully alive in the midst of the impossible. Join me on this blissful adventure to rediscover you.

In Abundant Love,


Brenda Lee

A person may help you discover it, but they cannot magically create joy within you. It is and always will be yours. Let’s unleash it.​